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Rhino 3.0 m LadderStow for Ford Transit Courier 2014-2023 | L1 | H1 | RAS37

Introducing the LadderStow, a revolutionary solution for fast, safe, and simple ladder transportation. Say goodbye to risky manoeuvres with its ergonomic design that eliminates the need to climb or stretch to access ladders stored on vehicle roofs. Featuring adjustable guideposts, this innovative system can securely hold up to three nested ladder sections, while its adjustable buckle and strap ensure a snug fit during transportation. Tested rigorously for safety, including independent crash testing, the LadderStow offers peace of mind for commercial vehicle operators. Discover the ultimate solution for ladder transport with Rhino LadderStow.
RRP: £396.19 incl VAT
£240.99 incl VAT (£200.82 excl VAT)
Manufacturer: Rhino
Manufacturer part number: RAS37
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Products specifications

Vehicle LengthL1
Vehicle HeightH1

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Product Description

3.0m LadderStow

Fast, safe and simple ladder transportation

The LadderStow provides an easy-to-use and ergonomic solution for loading and unloading ladders on low roof commercial vehicles. – The LadderStow eliminates the need to stretch or climb on a tyre to access a ladder stored on the vehicle's roof, which is a considerable health and safety risk.

Adjustable guideposts

The LadderStow features adjustable guideposts to accommodate up to three nested ladder sections.

Adjustable buckle and strap

An adjustable strap and buckle for fixing the ladder in place can be found at the rear of the LadderStow.

Extensively Tested

The LadderStow has undergone extensive testing, as well as being independently 20g crash tested.

Key Features

  • Can accommodate up to 3 nested ladder sections
  • Made from corrosion-resistant clear anodised aluminium and low weight / high strength ratio composites.
  • Adjustable guideposts for accommodating different ladder types
  • Adjustable strap and buckle for fixing ladder in place at the rear

For detailed details on this product please see Rhino LadderStow