Volkswagen Caddy 2021-Onwards Ladder Storage

We supply a wide range of Ladder Storage for Volkswagen Caddy 2021-Onwards vans

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Rhino 3.0m LadderStow | Volkswagen Caddy 2020-Onwards | All Heights | RAS37

Introducing the LadderStow, a revolutionary solution for fast, safe, and simple ladder transportation. Say goodbye to risky manoeuvres with its ergonomic design that eliminates the need to climb or stretch to access ladders stored on vehicle roofs. Featuring adjustable guideposts, this innovative system can securely hold up to three nested ladder sections, while its adjustable buckle and strap ensure a snug fit during transportation. Tested rigorously for safety, including independent crash testing, the LadderStow offers peace of mind for commercial vehicle operators. Discover the ultimate solution for ladder transport with Rhino LadderStow.
£380.95 incl VAT £240.99 incl VAT