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Rhino 3 KammBar Fleet Steel Roof Bars and 4 free load stops for Toyota Proace 2016-2024 | L2, L3 | H1 | JC3FL

Introducing Rhino KammBar Fleet, the ultimate solution for commercial vehicle roof storage. Built upon Rhino's renowned Delta Bar system, KammBar Fleet sets the standard for durability, aesthetics, and ease of installation. Featuring an innovative aerodynamic design inspired by Professor Wunibald Kamm, it minimizes wind noise while maximizing efficiency. With bespoke fitting options and preassembled legs for swift installation, the KammBar Fleet is both stylish and robust, crafted to endure the rigours of daily use. Protected by a high-tensile steel construction and inorganic zinc seal, it ensures reliability in any weather condition. Compatible with Rhinos' KammBar Roller, this system is the ideal choice for van users seeking premium quality and performance.
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£160.99 incl VAT (£134.16 excl VAT)
Manufacturer: Rhino
Manufacturer part number: JC3FL
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Products specifications

Vehicle LengthL2, L3
Vehicle HeightH1
DimensionsW1420mm x H109mm

If you aren't sure how these specifications apply to your vehicle please contact us via or 0161 7061858

Product Description

KammBar Fleet - the best in commercial vehicle roof storage accessories. KammBar Fleet is the leading steel roof bar system on the market, featuring Rhinos most aerodynamic bar profile ever.

The successor to Rhino's incredibly popular Delta Bar system, KammBar Fleet offers the best in durability, great aesthetics, and quick and easy installation. Also compatible with Rhinos all new KammBar Roller, the KammBar Fleet system is ideal for all van users.


  • Extremely aerodynamic design - The unique shape of the bar profile is inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm - a pioneering aerodynamicist who established that a teardrop shape such as this is ideal for reducing drag.
  • Minimal wind noise - The KammBar's aerodynamic shape also almost entirely eliminates wind noise.
  • Bespoke fitting - Available in two, three and four bar configurations, the KammBar comes complete with a fitting kit that includes bespoke pads and spacers, tailored to the mounting points of every vehicle.
  • Fast fitting with preassembled legs - Supplied with the saddles loosely fastened into place within the legs, allowing for quick and easy fitment.
  • Stylish leg cowls - The strong steel legs are covered by aesthetic composite covers to add to the modern, premium look of the product.
  • Durable and built to last - KammBar has been rigorously tested by the Rhino in-house team of design engineers to ensure it is strong and robust enough to withstand the challenges of day-to-day usage.
  • Protected against the elements - The robust high-tensile steel benefits from an inorganic topcoat zinc seal, which protects against the elements even in the harshest of weather conditions.