Rhino 3.1m SafeStow4 (Extra Wide Ladder) | Mercedes Vito 2003-2014 | Twin Rear Doors | All Lengths | All Heights | RAS18-SK23

Vehicle Height: ALL, Vehicle Length: ALL

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Ladder Restraint
Manufacturer: Rhino
Manufacturer part number: RAS18-SK23
RRP: £1,571.56 incl VAT
£1,003.99 incl VAT

Products specifications

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Vehicle HeightALL
DoorsTwin Rear Doors
Vehicle LengthALL

Product Description

3.1m SafeStow4 (Extra Wide Ladder)

The SafeStow4 provides you with safe, secure and effortless ladder storage and handling. It totally eliminates the need to climb onto the roof of the vehicle or stretch in order to store and secure ladders. Instead, they mount and dismount with minimal effort all from the safety of ground level, thanks to gas ram assisted lifting.

Loading and unloading assistance

With the SafeStow4, ladders can be mounted and dismounted with minimal effort all from the safety of ground level, thanks to adjustable gas rams – offering five different positions to accommodate various ladder weights to fully optimise the assisted lifting and lowering performance based on your vehicle

Belt straps and storage

The SafeStow4’s BeltStow system utilises two straps to pull the ladder in place tightly to minimise any movement while in transit or while deploying ladders. The innovative BeltStow system also ensures that both straps can be stored when a ladder is not being held – preventing them moving freely and noisily during transit.

Two crossbars with rubber inlay

The SafeStow4 comes with 2 crossbars with a rubber inlay to cushion and protect the ladder, minimising any risk of abrasive damage. The introduction of rubber inlays ensures that your ladder doesn’t come into contact with the aluminium of the SafeStow4 at any point, to prevent damage occurring.

Free SafeClamp

An industry-leading ladder clamp is included as standard, securing the ladder downwards while the SafeStow4’s straps pull it in opposite lateral directions. Two SafeClamps are provided for double SafeStow4 systems.

Load Stops

Four load stops are included with the SafeStow4 as standard, catering for different width ladders, minimising any damage to the ladders while in transit.

Rubber inserts on brace bar

Rubber inserts on the brace bar reduce rattling noise while in transit.

Rubber bump stops

The front cross rail has rubber bump stops which cushion the system as it slides into the stowed position, for quiet and smooth operation.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable gas-ram assisted lifting and lowering.
  • Fully configurable to suit your van and ladders for optimum performance (detailed user manual provided).
  • Constructed from highly robust aluminium alloy with stainless steel components.
  • Ultra-low overall height, aerodynamic design and low wind noise.
  • Lockable for added theft-deterrence (padlock not included).
  • Brass bushes and fully sealed roller bearings generate a super smooth and effortless gliding action.
  • SafeClamp included (*two with double ladder version, none with CAT ladder system).
  • Load Stops included.
  • Anti-vibration assembly.
  • Standard fitting bracket (compatible with Rhino racks and bars).

Detailed product specification is available at Rhino SafeStow4