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Van Guard 3 ULTIBar Trade Steel Van Roof Bars for Citroen Dispatch 2007-2016 | L1 | H1 | SB248-3L1H1

3 x Steel ULTI Bar Trade - Citroen Dispatch 2007-2016L1H1
RRP: £228.00 incl VAT
£145.99 incl VAT (£121.66 excl VAT)
Manufacturer: Van Guard
Manufacturer part number: SB248-3L1H1
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Products specifications

Vehicle LengthL1
Vehicle HeightH1

If you aren't sure how these specifications apply to your vehicle please contact us via or 0161 7061858

Product Description

Introducing the ULTIBar Trade Van Roof Bars - Uncompromising Strength and Efficiency

Elevate your van's carrying capacity with confidence using the ULTIBar Trade Van Roof Bars, masterfully crafted by Van Guard. These roof bars represent the perfect synergy of steel's robustness and the cutting-edge features found in Van Guard's renowned aluminium bar systems. Whether you're a tradesperson, outdoor enthusiast, or avid adventurer, the ULTIBar Trade is engineered to cater to your diverse needs.

Key Features:

  1. Steel Fortitude: Constructed with high-grade structural steel, the ULTIBar Trade ensures exceptional strength and resilience. These roof bars are built to withstand the rigours of demanding workloads and challenging weather conditions, making them a dependable choice for any professional.

  2. Weatherproof Performance: The ULTIBar Trade is not only strong but also weather-resistant. Equipped with a unique anti-corrosion coating, it successfully endures over 300 hours of rigorous salt spray testing, offering unrivalled protection against rust and deterioration.

  3. Aerodynamic Efficiency: Embrace the advantages of an aerodynamic design that minimizes wind noise and drag. By reducing air resistance, the ULTIBar Trade enhances your van's fuel efficiency, contributing to cost savings and environmental consciousness.

  4. Streamlined Profile: Inspired by the successful ULTIBar+, the Trade model inherits its streamlined profile, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your van while providing practical benefits.

  5. Innovative T-Track System: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and cargo security with the Van Guard's innovative T-track system. Seamlessly secure a wide range of loads using compatible accessories, ensuring stability and peace of mind during transit.

  6. Versatility Unleashed: Whether you're transporting construction materials, sports equipment, camping gear, or any other payload, the ULTIBar Trade's versatility shines through. Its ample load-carrying capabilities open doors to countless applications.

  7. Quick and Easy Installation: The ULTIBar Trade's user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation. Its precision fit guarantees a snug and secure attachment to your van's roof, ready for immediate use.

  8. Van Guard Quality Assurance: Built with Van Guard's commitment to excellence, the ULTIBar Trade undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards. Rest easy knowing your cargo is in safe hands.

Discover the perfect blend of strength, innovation, and efficiency with the ULTIBar Trade Van Roof Bars. Unleash your van's potential, maximize your productivity, and embark on every journey with confidence. Van Guard's dedication to excellence shines through in this exceptional product, offering the pinnacle of roof bar solutions for professionals and adventurers alike.