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ULTIRack+ Roof Rack now available for Ford Transit Custom

It isn't often that new Roof Rack solutions come on to the market, so we're excited to be selling the new ULTIRack+ for the Ford Transit Custom.  We recently viewed this product at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2022 at the Van Guard stand and we are certainly impressed with the build. 

The product is an upgrade to the last ULTIRack model and now features bars with a T-Slot, allowing for the attachment of load stops and eyebolts to ensure stored items are secured safely on the roof. Another great upgrade is that the side rails are now fully bolted on, and not secured using clips. 

Additionally, every ULTIRack+ is supplied with a pair of load stops to help secure your load. 

If you want to buy British and want a product which can carry up to 150KG of load you should check out this product. 

Buy direct from us here ULTIRack+ for Ford Transit Custom or check out our Amazon listing

If you have any questions or aren't sure if this product is suitable for your van please get in contact via or give us a call on 07719727453


Ford Transit Custom High Roof (H2) Roof Racks - Where are the mounting points?

One question we get asked quite a lot is how do I fit a roof rack to a high roof (H2) Ford Transit Custom. 

Most van roofs have mounting points pre-drilled with caps covering the mounting points. An exception to this rule is the Ford Transit Custom High Roof.

On first appearance, it might appear that you're going to need to work out where to drill holes in your roof yourself. But if you taker a closer look you will see 6 small dimples in the roof of your van that mark the mountings points!


Ford Transit Custom High Roof View

We can supply both Rhino and Van Guard roof racks to fit this van and both come with detailed instructions. 

You can check out the instructions below if you want to review before purchasing or fitting. 

If you're in doubt though, please contact us! 


Why should I fit a roller to my van?

Roof Bar Roller on rear of van

There is one piece of kit that you might overlook when you are fitting out your van with roof bars and that piece of kit is a roller. Do you want your vehicles kept in good condition and to be able to load and unload materials and equipment quickly?

Rollers protect your van from damage

Loading materials and ladders onto your vehicle from the rear is where you are likely to cause damage without a roller. If you are not able to lift the load high enough as you load you will inevitably need to push items up the rear of your van. This will scrape and dent the rear doors and roof of your van. Apart from looking scruffy this is going to damage the paint which is protecting.

Rollers make your life easier

A roller fitted to your rear roof bar can save you time and energy in loading materials and ladders onto your van. Think about a large heavy sheet, with a roller this slides quickly and easily onto the roof of your van.

How do I fit a roller?

To fit a roller to your roof bars is easy and should take you around 30 minutes to complete. All rollers are manufacturer specific and vehicle model specific which means if you have Rhino roof bars, only a Rhino roller for your particular vehicle model will fit your van. You will just need a 10mm & 13mm spanner to complete this work.

Where can I get a roller? supply Rhino, Van Guard and Hubb rollers and roof bars for all major manufacturers and makes of vans in the UK. If you have any specific queries please contact us via email at or via phone on 07719727453. We are here to help.