Van Guard 8 Bar ULTIRack+ Roof Rack with 4 Load Stops | VAUXHALL VIVARO 2001 - 2014 | Twin Rear Doors | L2 | H1 | VGUR-203

Vehicle Length: L2, Vehicle Height: H1

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8 bar ULTI Rack
Manufacturer: Van Guard
Manufacturer part number: VGUR-203
RRP: £797.13 incl VAT
£496.99 incl VAT

Products specifications

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Vehicle LengthL2
Vehicle HeightH1
DoorsTwin Rear Doors

Product Description

New to 2022, the ULTIRack+ represents one of the most advanced roof racks on the market. Combining both style and substance, the new and improved ULTIRack+ has it covered from all angles.

As with its 1st generation predecessor, the ULTIRack+ inherits a sleek aluminium alloy design, made to measure foot packs, multi-use side channels and full-width rear roller, but now also includes a truly game-changing crossbar system at the heart of every system. Similar to Van Guard’s crossbar only solution the ULTIBar, ULTIRack+’s crossbars now include an ingenious T-slot rail system across every single crossbar. The ULTIRack+ is the first gallery rack of its kind to offer this feature, enabling van owners unparalleled tie-down, load restraint and accessorising capabilities.

Whether the van is to be used for work or play, the ULTIRack+ stylishly delivers absolutely every feature needed to get the job done.

New & improved hard-wearing, heavy-duty roof rack

The ULTIRack+ is a large gallery style van roof rack and it’s perfect for carrying wide loads. Unlike Van Guard's roof bars, the ULTIRack+ van roof rack includes built-up side channels making it a firm favourite amongst those looking to quickly load and unload items on their van’s roof, from ladders to 8×4 sheets.
Van Guard's ULTIRack+ is a superior and smart heavy duty builder’s van roof rack that both looks the part and does the job. Made from lightweight aluminium, it is strong, built to last and fuel-efficient.


  • A pair of load stops are included with every ULTIRack+
  • An upgrade to the ULTIRack, the ULTIRack+ has bars with a T-Slot, allowing for the attachment of load stops and eyebolts to ensure stored items are secured safely on the roof
  • Side Channels – for added strength and structure
  • Full-Width Rear Roller – for easy loading
  • Crash Tested – for peace of mind
  • Made in Britain – from Van Guard's factory in Devon

Technical Specs

  • Roof Rack Weight: 40.6112KG
  • Carrying Capacity: 150KG (do not exceed your van's capacity)
  • Length: 3400mm
  • Width: 1691mm
  • Depth: 175mm